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19/09/2018 18:59

Testimony for Skin Condition

From a partner

Our Negative Ion clothes do not degenerate in its effects. It also works extremely well on many stubborn skin conditions and in some instances almost instantly!

I’m going to share a little story, which tells us more about these Negative…

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18/09/2018 17:12

Testimony for Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Arteries Blockage

The patient is Koh Ah Meng PBM, a Singaporean. (Pictured 3rd from Left)
His has Type II Diabetes for 26 years, High Blood Pressure and Arteries Blockage. He began using a full set of Negative…

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03/09/2018 17:29

Testimony for Colorectal Colon #Cancer Stage 3 Advance

From Singapore – Jamil 30 Aug 2018

– 23 Dec 2016, diagnosed with Colorectal Colon Cancer Stage 3 Advance.

– On 23 Jan 2018, was declare as Stage 4 Terminal with life expectancy is likely <12 months.

– Undergone surgery…

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21/07/2018 13:05


Lan-Ying (pictured with son) has an 85-yr-old father who was degenerating very fast. 2 years ago, she flew back home to see him because he had been bed-ridden for 6 months. His vision was deteriorating, his mind was no longer lucid and he was…

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19/07/2018 14:30

Testimony for #pustules, #abscesses and low immunity

From Taiwan

Ms Liu’s daughter had been suffering from painful pustules and abscesses full of pus and debris since the 17th days after her birth. Pustules are a form of acne caused by hormonal imbalances. She often had to…

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12/07/2018 17:39

Testimony for #varicoseveins #spinal

From Hong Kong

Before using the product, Hong Ping suffered from severe headaches, body and back pain. Despite taking numerous supplements, going for treatments and taking large amounts of painkillers, the pain was so unbearable that she had suicidal thoughts. She…

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12/07/2018 15:04

Testimony for #Eczema #Migraine #StomachAcid

Thank you Jocelyn Nai for sharing

My 5-year-old daughter, Sophie, has been suffering from #eczema since she was 1. At first, I assumed she would outgrow her condition, but her condition worsened at age 3. She has been on steroid cream…

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10/07/2018 18:00

Testimony for Eczema/Autoimmune Skin Issue

From Shao Ni Chua – 27 years old

Ever since I started working in Singapore a few years back, I have been leading a stressful lifestyle, spending most of my time working. My average sleeping time was about 4 hours daily,…

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10/07/2018 10:00

Testimony for Diabetes

From a grateful partner

Diabetes complications can be a very scary thing, and can potentially lead to amputations.

These photos are of my friend’s father. I’m so grateful for this magical fibre which improved the condition of my friend’s father’s toes who was finding…

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09/07/2018 16:52

Testimony for Connective Tissue Disease, #APS (Anti-phospholipid Antibody) and #Lupus

By Hao Yue

My wife, Xin Ru, fell sick after giving birth to our firstborn. For 8 years, she had to take steroids to control her medical condition. It got so bad that she had to…

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