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15/11/2018 11:00

Testimony for Skin Allergies, Long Term Insomnia & Migraine

Taiwan – Facing thousands of people in the Eslite Dunnan building’s conference hall, Gong Bo shares his personal testimony:

February 2015, a good friend introduced me to Negative ion clothes. Though I usually never believed in being…

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01/11/2018 13:37

Testimony for Sinus Cancer
Thanks to Singapore’s Ya En for sharing

In August 2017, her 43-year-old brother was diagnosed with stage 4B sinus cancer.

His left cheek was completely affected by the tumour. While waiting for chemotherapy, he used a Negative Ion shawl, layering it with the…

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25/10/2018 13:31

Testimony for Lupus
Patient: Ye Jiexin Rainbow, 17-year-old, 2017-04-04

This is Ye Jiexin’s testimony. It has been my pleasure to know of these Negative Ion clothes, and I would like to thank Karen for introducing me to them. Because of her faith in them and my…

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18/10/2018 11:42

Testimony for High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, High White Blood Cell
From Malaysia’s Zhong Feng

For more than a decade, Zhong Feng’s mother has been seeking Western treatment and was prescribed high dosages of medication continually for high blood pressure and cholesterol, yet had not seen…

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05/10/2018 15:44

Testimony for Accident Facial Wound

During the Mid-Autumn Festival on 24 Sep, Kim Suan fell while she was crossing the road. Her cheekbone hit and scraped against the asphalt road, her eye was also bruised. Immediately upon reaching home, she covered the affected area with…

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04/10/2018 11:40

Testimony for Parkinson’s disease
From Shenzhen’s Yang Xiulan

This beautiful woman in the hat shared that in 2 months, she would have been using Negative Ion clothes for 7 years!

This is what she shared with me:
Ms Yang, 69 years old, had settled in Shenzhen for 33…

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18/09/2018 17:12

Testimony for Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Arteries Blockage

The patient is Koh Ah Meng PBM, a Singaporean. (Pictured 3rd from Left)
His has Type II Diabetes for 26 years, High Blood Pressure and Arteries Blockage. He began using a full set of Negative…

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03/09/2018 17:29

Testimony for Colorectal Colon #Cancer Stage 3 Advance

From Singapore – Jamil 30 Aug 2018

– 23 Dec 2016, diagnosed with Colorectal Colon Cancer Stage 3 Advance.

– On 23 Jan 2018, was declare as Stage 4 Terminal with life expectancy is likely <12 months.

– Undergone surgery…

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21/07/2018 13:05


Lan-Ying (pictured with son) has an 85-yr-old father who was degenerating very fast. 2 years ago, she flew back home to see him because he had been bed-ridden for 6 months. His vision was deteriorating, his mind was no longer lucid and he was…

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19/07/2018 14:30

Testimony for #pustules, #abscesses and low immunity

From Taiwan

Ms Liu’s daughter had been suffering from painful pustules and abscesses full of pus and debris since the 17th days after her birth. Pustules are a form of acne caused by hormonal imbalances. She often had to…

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