What do you think a Physician, Health Coach and Nutritionist have in common?

Their lives have all been changed by Negative Ions.

This is their story.

Yong Yuan Wu


Yuan Wu is passionate about how nutrition can let everyone live healthier lives and preserve their vitality. A geek by nature, he can always be found geeking out about nutrition, passionately sharing his knowledge and experience through talks and seminars.

Besides healthy eating, he also advocates healthy living, taking care of one’s body through lifestyle. Your body is your responsibility. He believes that even something like sleep, which is highly overlooked by our cosmopolitan culture, is extremely important for our health.

Watch as he shares his tremendously positive experience with his sleep since using Negative Ion clothes.

“Nothing ever becomes real 'til it is experienced.”

John Keats

Melody Chong

Health Coach & PR Consultant

Melody Chong is a health and fitness junkie. You will find her at sporting events, simply because she enjoys it! When she found her calling as a health coach, she married PR, something she had been doing for years, and her newfound passion to provide specialised PR consultation for health-related wellness projects and clients. A certified health coach, she guides clients through holistic approaches to health, from food to lifestyle.

Melody is a media darling who has made multiple appearances on Channel News Asia and The Straits Times, sharing her wealth of experience and knowledge. Naturally, like many others, she was sceptical towards Negative Ion clothes, until she tried it.

Watch as she talks about how Negative Ion clothes help her sports recovery and even how it has changed her family’s life!

"Experiencing it for yourself - because you may look at it in disbelief, but you will never know until you've tried it."

Melody Chong

Physician Leong Weizhen

Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician

Physician Leong is a bubbly personality who never fails to bring a ray a sunshine into the lives of her patients. She is not only intensely passionate towards TCM but to her patients as well. They see her not merely as a formality, but a friend and caretaker, someone who cares deeply.

She is careful in her treatments and recommendation, so when she encountered Negative Ions, Physician Leong wanted to be sure about it. She tried it on her self and the results surprised even her.

Watch her story as she shares how negative ions has greatly impacted her life as well as her patients.

More stories to come. Stay Tuned.