We work with brands and partners who share our vision and who we genuinely endorse. They have not only touched our lives but also in the lives of their customers through their authentic care for people’s wellbeing. 


Founded in 1973, Shizuokaken Japan, Nefful’s pursuit of health and beauty led to their breakthrough in fabric production. Their dedicated R&D has provided generations of customers with high-quality negative ion generating garments.

Oriental Remedies Inc. is a close partner, providing sound TCM treatment for our customers while being easy to understand. Their complimentary treatments have been very beneficial to our customers. In addition to traditional methods, Oriental Remedies Inc. also believes in the modern implementation of TCM knowledge, providing services like Quantum Resonance Magnetic scans and Electro-Lymphatic Therapy.

With 40 years of negative ion research, PhD Noboru Horiguchi patented his “Ion Exchanger” technology which generates small negative ion clusters similar to those found in nature. His inventions range from home medical air ionisers to machines found in Japanese hospitals. These ions are readily absorbed by the body to produce beneficial health effects.

Tucked away in lush greenery and pure serenity, LifeCo is a stylish detox centre all over the world offering programmes to help cleanses you physically, mentally and spiritually. The upmarket centre in Turkey is a favourite of Kate Moss.

Closest to Singapore is one in Phuket, where every guest will receive a personalised consultation. By identifying your motivation, needs and desires, they will design a custom program with a daily schedule of meal plans, supportive therapies and activities.

Kairos means Opportunity in Greek. Kairos Training Academy was set up as a non-subsidiary arm of Kairos Ygeia, to give back to the community because we feel that everyone should have an equal opportunity at Wellness and Social Mobility.
We curate quality certified speakers to ensure that our content value-adds to people. As a non-profit, we only pay the trainers, operation & marketing cost, any profits will go into the buying negative ion clothes for needy families which would greatly improve their health.


Sally May Tan

M. Soc. Sc., BBA Hons, CHC Wellness Coach / Counsellor / Author /International Speaker Founder & Director of Catalyst Health Asia

Sally is a certified wellness coach, counsellor, best-selling author, excellent speaker, dynamic business owner and a vibrant mother of two. She holds the rare credentials as a CEO-turned-Wellness Whisperer who truly understands the demands of modern-day careers and thus is able to effectively aid the modern executive. Her passion and mission are to inspire, educate and empower all whom she has the chance to cross paths with, to never forget that Health is their True Wealth.

Physician Leong Weizhen

Registered TCM Physician / M.Sc. (TCM), BUCM / B.Sc. (TCM), BUCM / B.Sc. (Biomed Sci), NTU / Founder of Oriental Remedies Inc / Lecturer at Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Passionate about TCM, Physician Leong opened her own clinic, Oriental Rememdies Inc but extends her mastery of TCM beyond her patients. Besides public seminars, she also lectures at Ngee Ann Polytechnic to share her knowledge and experience to the next generation. She regularly travels to less developed locations like remote villages in Hat Yai in Thailand where medical services are limited to extend her expertise.

YONG Yuan Wu

Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science & Nutrition

Yuan Wu is passionate about how nutrition can let everyone live healthier lives and preserve their vitality. He can always be found sharing his knowledge at talks and seminars.

For more than 7 years, he has helped many people improve their nutrition, of which 3 years was in a multi-billion dollar company. In 2008, he was featured in Men’s Health Magazine — Refine & Define ’08.