Teviron & Neoron

Teviron, invented in Japan by Teijin in 1956, is the commercial name of the fibre that creates high negative static. Born after years of research and development, Neoron is the next-generation negative static fabric with the same functionality with brighter colours and softer texture. 

Teijiin found Nefful in Japan (1973) to be its marketing & manufacturing arm for Teviron & Neoron, is the world’s market leader in Negative Ion Clothing. Nefful has 6 global offices and independent distributors in more than 20 countries.


How it affect us? 2

The largest organ in our body is our skin. We are only able to absorb 15% of negative ions through breathing. But when we use our skin to absorb negative ions, the efficiency rises to 85%. *

4 Health Benefits Of Teviron & Neoron

01Generates High Density of Negative Ions

In a simple test when Teviron and wool were rubbed together, the static tester showed that Teviron carried a negative charge (meter pointing left) and wool (pointing right) carried a positive charge.

In another test, conducted by Japan’s “Fiber Industry Testing Institute”, a comparison between major fibers’ electrostatic, proved that Teviron carries negative charge whichever material it was rubbed against.

In general, when two items are rubbed against each other, the static induced would leave one item carrying a positive charge and the other with a negative charge. This is known as the Triboelectric effect. Read more about it here.

When Teviron rubs against other materials, or the skin, it generates negative ions.

Negative ions have 4 amazing effects which you can read more about HERE.

02Superior Moisture and Water Permeability

Teviron has significant moisture/water permeability and to absorbs minimal water, keeping the wearer warm and dry.

In the chart below, is Teijin’s experiment results. It shows when we perspire, cotton will absorb the moisture and make you feel sticky or uncomfortable; however, Teviron’s absorption is 0, so sweat can be vaporized quickly, and make you feel dry and fresh.

03Excellent Heat Regulation

Teijin Ltd. Osaka Research center used different fiber materials with the same thread size and knitting standard to knit several elbow supports. Then they were placed onto test subjects and tested temperature differences between the covered and uncovered parts of the skin. Axis Y represents temperature differences; Axis X represents room temperature.

While each material didn’t show great differences less than 25°C, but as the temperature dropped, especially at -5°C, showed significant differences. Teviron has shown excellent temperature preservation as the temperature drops.

Figure 2 are the results of an experiment conducted by Teijin Ltd. The right side of the garment was wool, and the left Teviron. A heat detector was used to test the temperature and results were shown through the computer screen (warmer temperature indicates more heat is lost and not preserved in the body).

In Figure 3, when the lab set the temperature at 5°C, the right side with wool has shown warm colors, and the Teviron side has shown cool colors (the warmer the color meant the more heat was lost). Therefore, it proved that Teviron has extraordinary heat preservation to keep people warm in cold weathers.

This is why Teviron undergarments were chosen by the famous Japanese Mountaineer Team to the Himalayas and also by a group of Japan challengers to the Arctic Circle. If you use undergarments and bedding that have insufficient heat insulation, you will feel icy cold, causing blood vessels to constrict, restricting the nutrients and oxygen sent out to the cells.

Heat temperature chart

Exercise test

Infrared test

04Safety / Non-inflammability

Teviron itself has low flammability because it consist of
non-inflammable content, making it very safe to use.

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