HC17 Calcium Supplement (L-Calcium Lactate)




Includes special spoon

Our Advantage

1. Our made-in-Japan supplement uses a unique Japanese technology for production. It is a high quality Calcium which utilises a highly-soluble form of Calcium and can be absorbed by our body easily.

2. Fortified with Vitamin D3, High Unit CPPIII( C.P.O.P) improves the body absorption of Calcium.

3. Its small size allows better absorption and customisable portioning.

4. Our L-Calcium Lactate is created with a unique manufacturing process without any bulking or binding agent added.

Who needs more calcium supplements?
While we all need calcium, young and old, those in these conditions needs more:

※Children development           ※Menopause
※Puberty                                      ※Pregnancy
※When you have imbalanced diets

Direction and Dosage
1. 10 to 30 balls for 2 to 3 times per day, either dissolve in warm water or can be consumed directly, but taken with plenty of water.
2. Can be cooked with rice. Use 10-15 balls with one cup of rice for standard proportion.
3. Can be cooked with soup. Put 10-30 balls per serving.
4. Can be cooked with any kinds of dishes.





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