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27/02/2018 7:00

Testimony for Child Posture from London
Before wearing Negative Ion Clothes, she was 1 year 10 months and couldn’t sit properly! Ever since she started wearing Negative Ion Clothes at 1 year 11 months, she still had to lie down after 5 seconds! With the…

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25/04/2017 18:10

Testimony for Cerebral Palsy

A father (Markcus) whose 32 year old son has cerebral palsy (can’t talk nor walk) and learning difficulties.AFTER

After hearing the possibility of negative ions helping his son condition, Markcus invested AM in 1 day!
Sharing from family member: “During Christmas time…

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04/06/2016 12:43

Cerebral Palsy Uie Lin 2 and a half-year-old girl
Premature baby born at 7 month
Product used: whole set
Mother – Tung Sue Jan

During the delivery of my daughter, her brain did not get enough oxygen. Her right and left brain haemorrhaged. The doctor diagnosed it as cerebral palsy….

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