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15/03/2019 11:32

Testimony for Cirrhosis
Shared by Miss Xiao Mei

With my husband’s consent, I am sharing what my husband felt after using a whole set of negative ion clothes since March this year (2018):

We’re so thankful for these high-tech Negative Ion Clothes. This amazing Neoron fabric has…

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01/04/2018 13:05

Testimony for Liver Auto-immune Hepatitis by Veron
I’ve been a vegetarian for 22 years and I generally try to live a healthy lifestyle.

I was taking Swiss Fit Solution and sleep on an infrared bed due to a bone degeneration problem on my spine. In the…

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24/03/2018 16:30

Testimony for Cirrhosis from Taiwan
This testimony comes from an ex-workaholic who very graciously shared her experience.

1 year ago, her health condition was so dire that even her doctors had given up, advising her against doing a liver transplant and wasting $1,000,000TWD! They were not…

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