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08/03/2019 11:30

Testimony for Leg Fracture Surgery Recovery
From an overseas partner:

A partner of mine had been using large amounts of Negative Ion clothes to cover his leg after surgery. There was no inflammation or any discomfort at the wound area after surgery. The effect of Negative…

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11/02/2018 13:00

Testimony for #varicoseveins #hearingimprovement from a Shanghai Partner
My grandma brought me up since young. I am thankful that my 85-year-old grandma is still living healthily. Since she was 67 years old, she has been suffering from nasopharyngeal cancer and the post-surgery side effects have…

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11/10/2017 17:04

Testimony on #Stroke #WaterRetention and many more
Silvered-haired Ms Wang Baofeng is a family woman who loves food and loves to travel. Unfortunately, 5 years ago, she had a stroke.

For 4 years, her family had been taking her to see famous doctors and receive a…

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19/06/2016 15:47

High glycosides, Abnormal Blood circulation, High Uric Acid
All I can do is be grateful
Liu Hui Fang
Product Use: whole set

Working hard for many years created many problems in my body including high GOT, GPT, high glycosides, and even pain on foot Yongquan acupoint. Lack of…

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