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11/12/2018 11:28

Testimony for Blood Circulation & Better Health
From Hong Kong

This is my cousin from Shenzhen. A few months ago, I shared with her all the wonderful benefits of Negative Ions. Later that year, in early July, she started using a full set of Negative Ion…

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18/10/2018 11:42

Testimony for High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, High White Blood Cell
From Malaysia’s Zhong Feng

For more than a decade, Zhong Feng’s mother has been seeking Western treatment and was prescribed high dosages of medication continually for high blood pressure and cholesterol, yet had not seen…

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06/07/2018 11:45

Testimony for Moya-Moya disease (rare, progressive blood vessel disorder)

Jeanette See from Sabah shares with us some inspiring news.

Back in 2017, Jeanette was helping a friend’s daughter, Carol for a few months. Carol (then 24 years old) was diagnosed ten years ago with…

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04/07/2018 15:50

Testimony for Blood & Qi Deficiency and Heart Pain

This is Apple from Malaysia. She was introduced to #negativeionclothes. Within 2 months, Apple experienced many improvements in her health.

Condition 1: Blood and Qi Deficiency

Apple’s Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner told her that she suffered from blood…

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19/12/2017 11:28

Testimony for #Thalassemia, #gastric ulcer, uterus problems and #depression

Lu Ai Fang was introduced to Negative ion clothes by her friend. Initially, she was sceptical but she felt good effects after wearing for a period of time. She bought the full set. Previously, she had…

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18/12/2017 10:43

Testimony for severe blood clot
Thanks to Ms Liu, Chongqing, China for sharing.

Through a friend’s recommendation to Negative Ion Clothes, Ms Liu used a negative ion waistband, singlet and socks. Within a month, she saw the blood vessel clot on her foot starting to shrink….

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04/12/2017 11:59

Testimony for a severe #bruise recovery
Grateful for Negative Ion clothes! It reduced my pain and helped with rapid recovery! Take control of your own health!

2017.10.16 at the “Happy Learning Camp” 6:00 pm
While returning a chair, I accidentally crushed my fingers against the table edge….

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09/10/2017 10:39

Testimony for #bruises #recovery
Thank you to our partner for sharing the effects of using Negative Ions.

On 19th August, my husband participated in the Asia Pacific Paintball day activity and was appointed the role of Captain, which required the wearing of a protective helmet. When…

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19/06/2016 15:47

High glycosides, Abnormal Blood circulation, High Uric Acid
All I can do is be grateful
Liu Hui Fang
Product Use: whole set

Working hard for many years created many problems in my body including high GOT, GPT, high glycosides, and even pain on foot Yongquan acupoint. Lack of…

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13/06/2016 14:39

Sickle Cell Anaemia, Migraine Headache, Back Pain, Gout
Ho Huey Lan, Taiwan
Product use: Whole set

My mother-in-law always had migraine headaches and back pains. One day she saw my friend, Ethan wearing a special hat. She was curious and asked her about it. The next thing…

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