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06/11/2020 17:24

Testimony for Proctitis (dog):

For humans or animals, Nefful negative ions products are indeed effective in improving health and aiding recovery! This is my little puppy, Kaka, as seen in the picture, he suddenly had proctitis a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, the vet clinic…

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18/03/2018 17:51

Testimony for #Pet Dog’s Liver Condition from Taiwan
After a check-up, my little precious came back with poor results for her liver markers and also needed dialysis. But after using Negative Ion Clothes, she’s in the pink of health! Look at her the healthy shine…

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14/01/2018 11:30

Testimony for #malignanttunmor
Even our fur friends can benefit from wearing Negative Ion Clothes too!

In January 2016, one of my seniors told me sadly that their family cat, MOMO, has a malignant tumour growth on the back of its neck. She took MOMO to see the…

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