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Sinus Cancer:

Testimony for Sinus Cancer:

Back in August 2017, I was diagnosed with sinus cancer. The invasive tumour made my left cheek swollen.

While I waited for chemotherapy I used negative ion shawl, mask, Eskimo hat and blanket to wrap around my affected areas. Three weeks later, blood clots and other substances started to drain from my nose – I felt relieved.

I went for 8 hours of intensive chemotherapy every day and after each session, my negative ion clothes smell of chemicals as soon as they are washed. My doctors were surprised that my body was stronger despite going through chemotherapy (which usually weakens people’s bodies).

Today, my tumour has significantly reduced and I am slowly recovering. Thank you Nefful for producing such amazing negative ion products and also thanks to Marie who introduced me to life-changing Nefful negative ion products!

感恩新加坡雅銀領袖分享 我43歲的弟弟在2017年8月被診斷爲4B期竇癌.他的左臉頰整個被腫瘤侵襲了.在等待化療的時候,他用妮芙露的多層披肩、面罩和愛斯基摩帽公司用毯子裹住了他的患處.三週後,血液凝塊和外來物質開始從他的鼻子中排出.他感到如釋重負.他每天進行8小時的強化化療.每次做完化療後,他的妮芙露衣服一洗就散發出化學物品的味道.儘管化療使醫生們感到驚奇,他的身體卻更加強壯了.今天,他的腫瘤已經顯著減少,並在康復的道路上.感謝內福爾生產瞭如此驚人的產品,也感謝我的介紹人瑪麗網爲我介紹了內弗爾 可以拯救紐約的生命.

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