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23/10/2017 11:27

Testimony from China – #LumbarDiscHerniation
It has been 9 year’s since Xiang Ru’s husband suffered a Lumbar Disc Herniation. At the end of last year, the issue relapsed and got worse.

It would hurt badly during his sleep, even when he stands. He has to move…

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11/10/2017 17:04

Testimony on #Stroke #WaterRetention and many more
Silvered-haired Ms Wang Baofeng is a family woman who loves food and loves to travel. Unfortunately, 5 years ago, she had a stroke.

For 4 years, her family had been taking her to see famous doctors and receive a…

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04/10/2017 15:43

Testimony for Hyperthyroidism
Bev shares with us Ms T’s incredible journey to recovery! #Hyperthyroidism #NegativeIons

For the past 7 years, Ms T has been suffering from Hyperthyroidism, a hormonal imbalance which has been known to accelerate the body’s metabolism, cause irregular heartbeats, sweating and irritability. All this time, she…

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28/09/2017 18:37

Testimony for #onychomycosis
Testimonial for #onychomycosis (fungal infection of the nail) with the wearing of #negativeion five-toed socks (#athletesfoot)

During my younger years as a soldier, I contracted athlete’s foot due to a fungal infection on my right foot. It wasn’t very serious so I left…

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25/04/2017 18:10

Testimony for Cerebral Palsy

A father (Markcus) whose 32 year old son has cerebral palsy (can’t talk nor walk) and learning difficulties.AFTER

After hearing the possibility of negative ions helping his son condition, Markcus invested AM in 1 day!
Sharing from family member: “During Christmas time…

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25/04/2017 17:54

Testimony for Acne

Acne improvement in 3 months with only 4 items

Customer experienced improvement just using small negative ion clothes items focused on the head and neck.

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