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Testimony for Sinus Cancer
Thanks to Singapore’s Ya En for sharing

In August 2017, her 43-year-old brother was diagnosed with stage 4B sinus cancer.

His left cheek was completely affected by the tumour. While waiting for chemotherapy, he used a Negative Ion shawl, layering it with the mask, the hat and the blanket to wrap the affected area.

Three weeks later, blood clots and foreign matter began draining from his nose! He could finally feel relief. He goes for 8 hours of intensive chemotherapy every day. Every time after his chemotherapy, his washed Negative Ion clothes would give off the smell of chemicals. Though his chemotherapy was shockingly intense, unlike many others, his body became stronger.

Today, his tumor has been significantly reduced and is on the road to recovery. Thanks to these amazing Negative Ion clothes, and thanks to my introducer Mary for introducing these clothes to me.

She is a life saver!





今天,他的腫瘤已經顯著減少,並在康復的道路上。感謝Nefful生產了如此驚人的產品,也感謝我的介紹人Mary Nets為我介紹了Nefful。


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