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Kidney Failure, Diabetes, Autonomic Nerve Dysfunction, Insomnia, Headache and Weak Heart
Kidney Failure, Diabetes, Autonomic Nerve Dysfunction, Insomnia, Headache and Weak Heart
Name: Kaub Ming Hung

Product use: whole setWhen my mum was young she worked hard even though her blood sugar was over 400. She ignored her diabetes which is very harmful. Her metabolic system was severely damaged. When she was older she was plagued with all kinds of illnesses because of her diabetes and her metabolic problems. As she got older she got worse. More and more problems piled up. She was on insulin since 1986. Up till July 2002, she had been hospitalised every year 3 to 4 times to adjust her insulin dosage. More complications were happening one after the other. Even her eyes contracted cataracts so she had to have surgery. Her heart was weak and she had angina. Because of her health conditions, the doctors were afraid to do anything. Surgery would be dangerous because of her diabetes. Her kidney failure requires dialysis. She has got neuropathy of her feet and hands. She has degenerative arthritis and insomnia. She can take 2 or 3 sleeping pills at a time but still could not go to sleep. Yet my mum, being such a caring loving person, still took care of my father every day.

Two years ago my father suddenly passed away. My mother, being so mentally dependent on her husband, became depressed and despondent and all of her illnesses became more pronounced. As her son, I did not know how to take care of my mother. In this critical period, our life saver Lin Lie, an AGM with the Nefful Company, introduced me to negative ion products. Not liking direct sales, my mum told me not to buy it. I tried very hard to convince her to try it. I got her a clean cloth to put around her neck. She felt good because of the clean cloth. Her neck felt much better so I got the whole set for her. Now that my mom uses the whole set of Teviron, her health has much improved. Her blood sugar of 450 to 500 has dropped down to 120 to 180. Her insulin dosage dropped 8 units. Her heart no longer needs nitroglycerine. Her kidney function has improved and she does not require dialysis anymore. Amazingly, she now does not need sleeping pills to help her sleep. Now, she eats and sleeps well. Her immunity has improved and has helped her fight all her illnesses.

Thank you, Lin Lei, for encouraging me. I have been very blessed using these amazing products. Now I am finding success in helping people through this business.

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