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Testimony for Lack of Oxygen in the Brain from Eunise Ang

“This year in July, an Indian colleague’s wife became unconscious due to lack of oxygen in the brain. The Doctors said she only has 72 hours left to live. I immediately contacted Yiqi to make a trip to the hospital with me, in hopes that she could use Negative Ion Clothes for her condition.

After listening to Yiqi’s explanation, my colleague made the wise choice to invest in Negative Ion Clothes for his Wife. That day itself, we wrapped her neck and wrist with a Negative Ion clean cloth. The following day, her eyes opened. And in just 2 months of wearing a full set of Negative Ion Clothes extensively, she could go for physiotherapy in her wheelchair.

On 22nd November, I visited her. To my surprise and delight, she could chit chat with me soberly and in such good condition. She even shared that she’s leaving the nursing home and going back home in 2 days. How great!!!
The Negative Ions Clothes are amazing. I’m so thankful for such high tech product; that has enabled her to recover so quickly. Let’s give her our blessings!


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