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Acute Myeloid Leukemia (Blood Cancer), Pulmonary Edema

Testimony for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (Blood Cancer), Pulmonary Edema
Thanks to our Taiwanese partner Shi Chong Xi for sharing. Published.

Health really is priceless, prevention is better than treatment. We have to treasure our body.

Life is hard to predict. June 2002 was a huge turning point in my life. I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, also known as “blood cancer”.

In the beginning, I caught a cold and the condition didn’t improve. I saw 4 different doctors over a period of 1 month, and all of them said it was just a cold. However, my body felt unwell – headaches, diarrhoea, poor appetite, weight loss. At first, I thought it was due to my hectic work schedule until the dark spots in my eye become larger. I knew something was off, and so went to Lin Kou Chang Gung hospital to do an eye check and other scans. The doctor said it was an abnormal intraocular haemorrhage and advised to continue further check-ups. I showed the doctor the little red spots on my leg because I was allergic to some medicine, but the doctor merely thought they were bleeding spots.

That following night was a nightmare, it was when I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia after the blood test. My life came crumbling.

Chemotherapy started after the checkup. Because of my weak resistance, I came down with Pulmonary Edema and non-stop diarrhoea, it was a critical situation. The hospital also issued a critically ill notice, but my parents did not give up on me, bringing me large quantities of Negative Ion clothes into the isolation room for me to use.

I am grateful to my doctor-in-charge because he also knew the benefits of Negative Ion clothes and while I was warded, he allowed me to use 3 sets of Negative Ion clothes. This included a set of shirt and pants, supportive sets (arm/knee guard) and bedding.

My chemotherapy caused me to have high fevers and I perspired a lot. I had to change my Negative Ion clothes every 3 to 4 hours. The blanket was filled with alcohol smell after using for 3 days and had to be changed constantly. It was then, I had realised that it was thanks to Negative Ion clothes that sped up the detox of the chemical drugs. Many chemotherapy patients have to undergo Hemodialysis or suffer from kidney or liver failure due to poor excretion of these chemical drugs. It is critical to have healthy blood cells during this hospitalisation period. The slower the recovery of blood cells, the higher the chance of viral infections which many patients have died from. Because I had been using large quantities of Negative Ion clothes, my blood cell recovery was faster from all my 9 chemotherapy sessions. I even felt my body getting stronger as compared to other patients.

After completing all the chemotherapy sessions, all that’s left was to wait for a bone marrow transplant and a suitable donor. During that time, the chance of getting infected with the SARS virus was relatively high, so patients who are undergoing transplant had to have enough physical strength and not get any viral infections. My Negative Ion clothes allowed me to go through that process safe and sound.

The bone marrow transplant is a very difficult process. Like farming, the seed had to be planted in the soil and fertilised for the seed to grow. I am so grateful that the large amounts of Negative Ion clothes allowed my body to be maintained at optimal condition.

In general, patients with general allografts needs to stay in the bone marrow transplant room for more than 40 days. Thankfully, after only 28 days, I could be discharged. But in the following days after being discharged, I had to eat lots of steroids and anti-rejection drugs. Fortunately, with each return visit to the hospital, my dosage dropped and in 2005 January, I did not have to eat any more medication. It was just one and a half years after the transplant. Besides regular checkups, I did not have to be hospitalised. I could even achieve my dream of visiting Egypt for a month that March of 2005.

If it weren’t for these amazing Negative Ion clothes, how would I have got the physical strength to go overseas?
Treatment of any diseases is very time sensitive, and prevention is better than cure. Health is priceless. One should treasure their body. Don’t reject something like Negative Ion clothes, which can really help prevent illness and boost the immune system, just because you may think you are young and healthy.

Now, with my life changed, I am embracing this as a wonderful career, sharing the wonders of Negative Ions. I am especially grateful to my parents for encountering such a wonderful product. Thanks to Han Wu for introducing my mother to the world of Negative Ion clothes almost ten years ago. I am also thankful to the company for creating such high-technology Negative Ion clothes, allowing me to have a new lease of life!

初期感冒一直不好,前后一个月的时间到一般诊所陆续看了四位医生,医生们都断定为感冒,但是身体一直感觉不舒服。头昏,拉肚子,胃口差,体重下降,原以为是工作 的忙碌造成的,直到眼前出现越来越 大黑点,才惊觉事态严重,到林口长庚医院眼科检查做了眼球超音波后,医生认为这是不正常的眼球内部出血,建议到医科作进一步检查,曾经对药物过敏,所以将腿上出现很多的小红点给医科医生看,医生认为不是药物过敏而是出血点。
在做完所有的化疗疗程之后就是等待骨髓移植的配对和捐赠者,适时SARS期间感染 病毒机会相对的高,接受移植的人必须要有体力也不能 有任何病菌的感染,负离子健康衣服让我安然的度过那段人人都害怕的时期。
骨髓移植是很辛苦的,就像农人种植一样,把种子种在土壤里,需要 土地肥沃让种子发芽茁壮。很庆幸的是我大量使用负离子健康衣,让我 的身体抱持在最好的状态。
一般异体移植的病人大概都要在骨髓移植室里待上40天以上,而 我在短短的28天就能出院回家。刚出院时每天都须吃很多的类固醇和抗排斥药物,随着每次回诊药量就持续一次次的减少,到2005年一月就不用吃任何药了。现在移植后一年半 除了定期回诊外不曾住过院,而且也让我在2005年的三月完成了我去埃及 旅游一个月的梦想。
任何疾病的防治贵在把握时效,预防胜过治疗。健康是无价的。要好好爱惜自己的身体,更不要认为自己还年轻,还健康,而拒绝可以预防 疾病,提升免疫力的负离子健康衣。
现在, 我专从事 这份美好的事业。特别感恩我父母亲接触到这么棒的产品,感谢龙汉首席,在十年前引领我母亲进入负离子健康的世界。更感谢公司引进这么高科技的负离子衣服,让我有一个新的而且不同的生活。

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