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Testimonial for Arthritis

My First Sharing About Negative Ions Products I have been suffering from arthritis for a very long time and although I went for several body checks, the results always showed that there was nothing wrong with me.

Arthritis has been troubling me for at least 3 years and my condition was only getting worse. Last year, I experienced recurring acute attacks which were painful and devastating. At that point in time, I had to rely on anti-inflammatory medicines prescribed by my doctors to help relieve the agonizing pain caused by inflammation. As a result, my weight increased rapidly.

Worse still, I was diagnosed with dysautonomia. My health problems greatly affected my personal life and quality of life.

In April this year, a good friend of mine recommended negative ions products. At first, I did not believe her as I was always sceptical of direct sales. But I thought to myself that there was no harm trying out the negative ions wrist & knee guards since they were not supplements that I had to eat (and will not cause direct harm to my body). Besides, even if they did not help my swollen knees, I could still wear them as accessories during the summer and winter seasons.

With this mindset, I have been wearing them every night and day since then. I was pleasantly surprised by the effects when I realised one day that my body felt different! My knees swelled less and the recurrent attacks were less frequent and when it happened, it was shorter and less painful – I felt like I didn’t rely on medication anymore!

I also noticed that even after drinking red wine or liquor, my knees do not hurt that much as before.

To my dear friends out there, I would recommend you to try Nefful negative ions products if you have any chronic conditions that haven’t improved even after visiting doctors or if you simply want to improve the health of your older family members at home. I’m grateful for these products because my knees would not have been better if I did not take the opportunity to try them. Most importantly, these products are natural, so you do not have to worry about any adverse effects from using them!

负离子首次分享:一直有关节炎的我困扰了很久,该怀疑的抽血检验指数都正常。而且也抽血检查了三年,去年更是反反复复的一直急性发作!发作痛到一度怀疑人生,心情很闷。如果要能快速止痛就只能吃医生开的消炎药!!体重一度要到人生高峰。。。甚至在去年下半年还诊断出自律神经失调。。种种的身体不适也大大的影响自己的心情!!在今年4月,好朋友跟我分享她使用负离子新的,我想哪有那么神奇,我听到是直销都害怕。但是她想到我的膝盖肿得实在太严重,应该试试。我想反正也不是吃什么保养品什么的,所以就索性买了两个护膝护肘的护具!!就算真的没有比较好还是可以一直带着也不会坏!!冬天可以保暖护膝,夏天可以防晒阻挡小黑蚊兼时尚穿搭!!自己默默这样盘算着,就这样每天上班或者出游穿着,晚上睡觉也穿着,当自己发现有不同感受的时候觉得有点不可思议!!发作的时候没那么痛了!!发作复原的时间短了!!发作的次数也减少了,也不会想去抓消炎药来吃。甚至喝了红白酒,啤酒居然也没什么发作!之前膝盖肿到都快看不到骨头的形状,现在慢慢觉得膝盖有骨感。 如果觉得自己的老毛病一直没有改善,不妨给自己一个机会使用看看!如果想帮助家里老人家身体保健,不妨花点钱帮助他们舒缓的机会!!如果当初我没给自己机会使用,现在的关节也不会好转。这负离子产品并不会过期,天然且对身体无副作用,这是最重要的!

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