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Breast Cancer & Rheumatoid Arthritis
(Reporter: Chuang Chih-Wei, Peng Kuang-Hsu reported in Taipei)
Media: TVBS website
Subject: Tang Hsiu-Pin stands up again
Overcome Breast Cancer and Rheumatoid ArthritisSeven years ago, a woman, named Tang Hsiu-Pin, who suffered breast cancer accused her husband of an abortive homicide because her husband intentionally concealed her disease, and this case shocked the public. For several years, she suffered and almost died from the seriously deteriorating disease, and she also suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis which disabled her, but now she has defeated the serious illnesses and stands up again. She uses her own experience to help more people to overcome their difficulties.Standing up form the sofa with the support of a cane is a simple action, but it is a miracle that Tang Hsiu-Pin who once was unable to stand up for five years for serious arthritis.

Tang Hsiu-Pin: ” I’m very happy, but after I stood up, I had a new perception of my own experience, I found that my friends that were part these years are not as lofty as I imagined them before”.

You may forget that seven years ago this pleasant woman accused her betraying husband, who was a doctor, of intentionally concealing her breast cancer with the purpose of terminating their marriage, which was reported in newspapers as a lead story. Later, when her state of illness was in crisis, she decided to forgive her former husband and withdraw the accusation.

Tang Hsiu-Pin: “I am really thankful that God has my life suffer from the painful torments. Due to the pain, I could comfort some people. Because I have gone through the pain and get better and better now, I could inspire other people.” Tang Hsiu-Pin: “scarf ! 430, Bye-Bye! As my body keeps improving and I can move more and more freely, my desire for living on becomes stronger and stronger”

Her arthritis became serious because of her cancer, as a result she had been paralyzed for fives years and often faced death until July of last year when some friends introduced her the negative ions clothing. Her illness was relieved after she started to wear those clothes, at last she can stand again and uses her own experience to promote the product, and can keep the pot boiling.

From TVBS website
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Date: 2004/03/2

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