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Breast Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer & Bone Fracture

Testimony for Breast Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer & Bone Fracture

I am thankful for having such simple faith.

Back in November 2012, I was so blessed to have the opportunity to use such amazing products. In November 2014, I was convinced through my very own experience with them, how it impacted my health and because it changed my life, so I began selling Negative Ion clothes, I just had to share.

Today, I am able to share these life-changing Negative Ion clothes through my own testimony and through the experiences of others.

Testimony #1 – Breast Cancer
– In Nov 2010, I contracted breast cancer

My Treatments:
– Three surgeries were done in 2011 (February, October, December)
– I started taking Chinese medicine March 2011 (to control my cancer, the TCM physician said I had to take the medicine for a lifetime)
– Injections started in December 2011 (required every three months)
– I had to take a five-year anticancer drug in February 2012 (after a month of consumption but after experiencing a lot of side effects, I stopped taking it)
– March 2012, radiotherapy sessions 30 times

Nothing helped until I started using Negative Ion clothes:
– End November 2012, I began using Negative Ion clothes (a full set)
– In January 2013, I could stop taking my Chinese medicine, because my health improved

Testimony #2 – Bone Fracture
– August 31, 2014, a fall from cycling resulted in a severe fracture. I switched to use more than usual Negative Ion products and I could walk after one month and subsequently full recovery by the second month.

Testimony #3 – Pancreatic Cancer
– September 2014, a friend was diagnosed with end-stage pancreatic cancer and was given not more than two months to live by her doctor.
– In Mid-October 2014, she began using a full set of Negative Ion clothes. By mid-December, her cancer index dropped from 1,500+points to 150+points, living beyond the pre-diagnosed 2 months.

Dear friends reading this, these are my personal testimonies from using Negative Ion products. And it is through your own testimonies that you can share with relatives, friends and even strangers!

I am certain these products can help you and your family’s health. It has helped many people with issues such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, ADHD, autism, depression, kidney disease, arthritis, gout, uterine fibroids, insomnia, ankylosing spondylitis, chronic bone diseases such as osteoporosis, eczema, menopause, etc….

We have been given a new lease of life, let’s help all mankind to achieve health and wealth!



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