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Testimony for #bruises #recovery

Thank you to our partner for sharing the effects of using Negative Ions.

On 19th August, my husband participated in the Asia Pacific Paintball day activity and was appointed the role of Captain, which required the wearing of a protective helmet. When the instructor blew the whistle, nearly all the paintballs were thrown onto his body and burst. He didn’t feel much pain, which felt like needle piercings due to the adrenaline surge in his body. However, upon checking after finishing the activity, his body was covered in multiple bruises, which were untouchable due to the pain. My heart ached to see him like this. Lesson learnt: never ever take on the role of Captain! Since our family has been using Nefful negative ion products, we decided to use this rare opportunity to test the effects of negative ions (with and without usage) on my husband.

Picture 1 (above) shows the multiple bruises he suffered from the Paintball activity

Picture 2 (below) shows the test comparison with and without negative ion products.

Left arm: He immediately used the free negative ions blanket cut-out sample cloth from the company and placed it on his left arm, without applying any medication, ice packs and heat packs

Right arm: No negative ion products, medicine, ice packs and heat packs were applied to the right arm.

Picture 3 (above) shows the extent of difference on the left arm and right arm

Left arm: On the 4th day (23rd August) at 7am in the morning, the bruises on the left arm which only used the negative ions blanket cut-out sample without any medicine, ice packs or heat packs gradually faded away

Right arm: The bruises on the right arm spread and darkened.

It is amazing to see the effects of negative ions just by using this amazing product! Now, my husband has to quickly use the negative ion products on his right arm so as to prevent anyone from the misunderstanding that he sustained these bruises from domestic violence!




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