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High glycosides, Abnormal Blood circulation, High Uric Acid
All I can do is be grateful

Liu Hui Fang
Product Use: whole set

Working hard for many years created many problems in my body including high GOT, GPT, high glycosides, and even pain on foot Yongquan acupoint. Lack of movement resulted in heavy body weight, abnormal blood circulation, hand numbness and soreness when I sleep at night, and I would cough if I spoke too much. These symptoms did not improve from integrating traditional and western medicine.

After wearing the negative ion clothes for only several days, I started having reactions. The pain in my foot gradually reduced every day while I wore the clothing. Initially, when I first wore the scarf, I seemed to still cough all the time. I thought I had been cheated but learned afterwards that these were improvement detox reactions. I was impatient, so I went for homoeostasis and chemical analysis after wearing the clothing for about one month. My triglycerides levels decreased from 202 to 100 (normal is below 160), uric acid readings decreased from 6 to 4.4 (normal is below 7), my Yongquan acupoint on the foot was not painful anymore, symptoms of hand soreness and numbness improved completely, and the cough had also improved. I am so grateful!

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