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Testimony for Child Asthma

Alina is from Shenzhen, and this is a testimonial of her son’s *#asthma* improvement!

Alina’s son developed a continuous cough when he was just 5 months ago. Even before he was 1 year old, he had been hospitalized 3 times, and developed from breathlessness to asthma. In 2016 Mar, a friend introduced a full set of negative ion clothing for Alina’s baby. As a result, there was a period of three consecutive months with no cough, followed by only intermittent cough (and his body continued to recover). By end 2016, he stopped coughing altogether and hasn’t been hospitalized for 1 year since he starting wearing #negativeionclothes.

In the picture, you can see he used to have to use the nebulizer (for breathing and medication) but he has been completely stopped using the nebulizer now. As his cough improve, his appetite is getting better and better, and his body more and more healthy!


深圳alina小儿子气喘改善分享:Alina 小儿子生下来五个月以后就开始持续的咳嗽,一岁之内因为咳嗽问题曾经住院三次,并且已经发展到气喘接近哮喘的程度。2016年3月因为朋友的介绍开始给宝宝全套使用负离子衣物,曾经连续三个月没有咳嗽,之后会有间断的小咳嗽,直到2016年底已经完全没有咳嗽。并且这一年当中没有住过一次院。


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