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Testimony for Chronic Leg Pain
From a Hong Kong partner

It’s just as simple as believing in the power of Negative Ions that resulted in a miracle for me. After a motorcycle accident 20 years ago, I injured my right leg very badly and had a loss of sensation in my leg. Over the years, I experienced a lot of pain and difficulty climbing stairs and constantly had a fear that I might need to go for surgery for my leg. I was afraid that my condition would suddenly deteriorate without warning. As such, I decided to try out Negative Ion Clothes in hopes of improving my health and condition even though I had reservations about it.

After just 4 days of wearing Negative Ion clothes, there was a resounding reaction! The severe rashes and itching on my leg slowly disappeared, and I no longer feel pain or have difficulty when climbing stairs. One day, I went to my classmate’s house which was on the fifth floor. I monitored the condition of my leg when I was walking up and down the stairs, but surprisingly I did not feel any pain or discomfort! It’s amazing!

On 26th June, I bought a full set of Negative Ions clothes and products. I wore the knee guards for 11 days consecutively and saw positive results. It really is a miracle for me to have recovered so fast. I am really grateful to my benefactor who recommended Negative Ion clothes to me. She really worked hard to explain and share what negative ions could do and how it helped other people as well. Through my own personal experience, I wish to help friends and relatives with their health problems and spread the word about Negative Ion clothes so that more people will be aware of its benefits.

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