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Colorectal Cancer & Wound Healing

Testimony for Colorectal Cancer & Wound Healing
From a partner in Hong Kong

Mr. Liang is 50+ years old from Hong Kong. He was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2015 and had 2 surgeries in the hospital and he had to use a stoma (excretion bag) due to leakages. On 2016-10-14, he had to go for the third operation.

His 17th doctor told his family, “Because the patient’s intestinal wall is weak, the surgeon cannot move too violently during the operation and as a result, he could not find the source of leakage.” The doctor told the patient he had done his best, and still could not find any treatment for him. And if there were any new treatments, he would immediately inform the patient. He also requested for the family to fulfil the patients dreams as much as possible!

Mr Liang laid in bed for 3 days. He couldn’t eat, he couldn’t drink.. even just a sip would cause severe pain and a leak in the belly wound surgery. He could only rely on nutrition fed to him through a needle.

2016 September, Mrs Liang met Mr. Yu who was sharing his experience after using Negative Ion clothes, she saw that Mr Yu’s energy was a lot better than before, so she decided to invest in hope and decisively went to buy a set of negative ion bedsheet, supporters, clothes and other products.

After using them for 1 day, Mr Liang felt so uncomfortably hot! To make it worse, his fellow patients in the hospital remarked that he was cheated. In his disappointment, he immediately removed the clothes and refused to use them.

Fortunately, Mrs Liang reassured him, “Heat is a good thing. When your body temperature increases, your immunity will also increase”. But no matter how much Mrs Liang tried to persuade him, he refused to wear the clothes!

Upset, Mrs Liang told him, “If you do not give yourself the opportunity, how can others help you? It will be tiring for the family to take care of you long term. If you don’t listen, I will not come to see you!” Then she angrily returned to the mainland for a few days and really didn’t visit him.

A few days later, Mrs Liang returned to the hospital to see Mr Liang. He obediently wore all his Negative Ion products. 6 days later, he was once again able to eat properly, and could sit up and drink his own food and even requested for food!*

A few days later, Mr Liang even secretly went to the convenience store to buy chocolate to eat 🙂 Seeing Mr Liang’s obvious improvement, Mrs Liang went to the office again to buy the most popular Negative Ion blanket with the highest density of Negative Ions and other items for her husband to use. She would wash his clothes every morning and evening, and in short 3 weeks, he managed to remove 11 excretion bags, and could temporarily go home for the winter and the New Year. Within 5 months of using high density of Negative Ions, he was discharged, and often recommend people to buy and use Negative Ion products.

Mr. Liang’s physical condition has since improved to a point he is able to tolerate conventional treatments. His mental state became very good, and did not show other side effects and adverse reactions. The medical staff marvelled at this miracle 🤗🤗

Mrs Liang (in the photo), due to worry and long-term tiredness from caregiving, also started having health problems. Seeing her husband’s improvements, she too started using plenty of Negative Ion clothes.

After using for 7 days, her feet swelled and expelled days of black toxins continuously. She felt giddy and fatigued. Understanding that these were detox reactions, she continued to wrap herself in the Negative Ion blanket and rested. After 7 days, her discomfort completely improved. Her energy was renewed. Now her whole family is very happy from feeling the amazing effects of the product. Grateful and moved to share, they are spreading the message of health with love. Friends, believe that miracles can really happen! Give yourself a chance and give someone else a chance. It is only with health, can we fully enjoy life!

The above testimonial was generously shared by Mrs Liang and Zhijun.

50来岁的香港人梁先生,2015年發現患上大腸癌,入院開了2次刀做手術,由於有渗漏要使用排泄袋,2016-10-14日進行第三次手術,17號醫生告訴家人說:” 因病人的腸纖維太差,開刀不敢乱動,所以找不到渗漏的地方,醫方對病人的治療已經盡了力,并且找不到任何治療方法,待研究新的治療方法再告訴病人,病人有什麼願望盡量滿足他”!




梁太說:熱是好事,温度提升免疫力就會提升,要穿上,但無論梁太怎苦口婆心的劝說梁生就是拒絕穿著! 梁太一氣之下說:你自己都不給機會自己,别人怎麼帮你? 長期照顧你,家人都筋疲力竭,你不聽話,以後不来看你,然後一氣之下返回大陆幾天不回來😂😅






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