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Colorectal Cancer

Testimony for Colorectal Cancer
One of our partners from China shares about her sister’s cancer experience.

My sister was diagnosed with colorectal cancer stage 3B in May 2018. After the operation, the surgeon did not explain the importance of follow-up treatment but only said that her survival rate was 50% for the next 5 years. Undeterred, my sister decided to find her own remedy. She could not rest properly after surgery due to the frequent visits to the toilet. This also meant she could not go out during that period of 2 to 3 months. After that, she transferred to the North Medical Clinic for better quality medical treatment. By that time, it was the fourth month since her first diagnosis, and the cancer cells were found to have spread to her liver.

After removing the cancer cells in her liver, she started her chemotherapy. After her fifth chemotherapy session, she responded strongly to the chemotherapy, causing her reactions such as vomiting, inability to swallow, systemic tingling, severe mucosal damage and low white blood cells.

At that time, I was searching for ways to help her. I even enrolled into an immunology class to learn about nutrition. However, it was really difficult to adjust my sister’s diet as she was unable to eat. Under careful care of her eldest daughter, my sister managed to slowly adjust her diet: eating less but more meals + nutritional health foods, 6 meals a day to improve her diet. But my sister experienced sharp pain in her body which caused her to not be able to sleep deeply and her body had no strength.

Thanks to God ’s grace, I met Shuxian in church. I knew she was promoting negative ions, since I recalled buying for my mother-in-law 20 years ago, boosting my confidence In her. After trying them out personally for a month, I bought negative ion bedding, clothes and supporters for my sister. 30 minutes after wearing the socks, my sister sent me a message saying that the tingling in her feet was reduced. At that point in time, I was so thankful to the Lord that I shouted “Hallelujah!” as I drove back home.

Now that my sister has completed her chemotherapy, she regained good mental and physical strength. She has also begun to share her experience with Negative Ion clothes, helping her friends who are suffering from lung adenocarcinoma and prostate cancer to have better quality sleep, reducing their required dosage of headache pills from eating every day to eating once a week. 

My sister’s friend is now finally able to take care of himself. 
Being able to help people makes my sister feel very happy🥳 and be able to earn her own income at the same time. She is now having her vacation in Hangzhou, while sharing about Negative Ion clothes with the locals.

P.S .: My sister will challenge trekking Huangshan tomorrow!

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