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Colorectal Colon Cancer Stage 3 Advance

Testimony for Colorectal Colon #Cancer Stage 3 Advance

From Singapore – Jamil 30 Aug 2018

– 23 Dec 2016, diagnosed with Colorectal Colon Cancer Stage 3 Advance.

– On 23 Jan 2018, was declare as Stage 4 Terminal with life expectancy is likely <12 months.

– Undergone surgery to remove 15 cm of intestines and on stoma bag since then.

– Went for numerous CT scan, 1-time PET scan & 1-time colonoscopy.

– Went 26 times of chemo with 3 different type of drug, from oral intake pills, intravenous therapy & Port-A-Cath chemo therapy. Life was HELL from then onwards!!!

– Doctor recommended trying the 4th type of drug which I declined and decided to stop chemo on 16 Aug 2018. 4th drugs side effects were far more worst than the 3rd drug i.e eye, ear, nose bleeds.

– After surgery, CEA tumor count rises from 76.8 in Apr 2017 to 864 in Dec 2017. Counts continue to fluctuate between 443+ to 148+ then rises again to 349.6 (latest CEA count from the blood test taken on 16.8.18).

– From then onward immune was weak, red & white blood cell was bad. Everything in my body is a mess.

– Took a different type of supplement but worked at a very slow pace.

– Spend $104,000 for total medical expenses from the medical appointment, blood test, scans, chemo 26 times and warded etc.

– Spent $11,000 plus on Negative Ion clothes and continue buying to regain my health back & the results are FANTASTIC!!!

– Decided to start using the Negative Ion clothes after meeting Chee Keong somewhere in Apr/May 2018.

– Took me 4 months to decide to purchase the Negative Ion clothes but I never regretted using the Negative Ion products.

– This is my results after using the Negative Ion clothes in just 18 hours with FULL SET!


The following was my message to Susan:

“Good afternoon Susan AM+, just want to update you.
– After wearing from 15/8@4pm till 16/8@1130am
– 1st day – was not able to sleep till 4 am. Maybe because I drank coffee at 11 pm😆. (The product is doing its work)
– 2nd day – body starts to detox, turned on aircon.
– 3rd day – went toilet, don’t know how many times.
– 4th day – could feel a different blood circulation rate in my head and heart.
– 5th day – neck left can feel the pain. (Suffering from a migraine many years)
– 6th day – stomach keeps growling.
– 7th day – leg felt very tired.
– 8th day – so far no itching.
– 9th day – right side back & left knee felt like aching. (left knee injuries during teenage)
– Wow! Really rejuvenate by the whole body and still ongoing…
– Oops got some more…
– 10th day – throat felt dry.
– 11th day – always thirsty.
– 12th day – urine very clear.
– 13th day – pain on my rectum did not occur anymore (frequently pain like needle poking during chemo).
– 14th day – stool was normal like pastry, not watery or hardened (was hardened or sometime watery when or during chemo)
– 15th day – my numbness on my both feet left about 10% (yesterday having difficulty to walk, now feel like walking from Jurong to changi…superb!)
– 16th day – my ingrown toenail pain reduced to 40%.

– From 15 Aug 2018, after using the FULL SET of Negative Ion products, my immune is good, appetite was excellent, sleep in peace, always energetic.

– Next appointment is Oct 2018 with CT Scan & Blood test. I will update and continue to write my testimony about Negative Ion clothes.

– From there, all my family, parents, uncles, aunties and nephews started using Negative Ion products.
– I have proven on all my medical records i.e blood test, scans results etc & excellent feedback from families, uncles, aunties & nephews that are using Negative Ion clothes.

– Many thanks to Susan, Chee Keong and all the teams for the fantastic product. Thank you all!!!
– As God wills, please pray for my success.”





2018年 8月 30日

我是Jamil。我在 2016 年 12月 23日 被诊断出结肠癌第3期。两年后的2018年1月23日,又被诊断癌细胞恶化成第4期 而且只有12 个月左右的生命。

我立刻接受医生建议的所有治疗,动手术 切除15公分的大肠,身上也安置着瘘袋。

之后我经过了许多次电脑断层扫描(CT Scan), 1次正电子发射计算机断层摄片扫描 (PET Scan), 1 次结肠镜检查。



我的手术是2017年4月之前。但癌值数不降反升。从76.8 升 到 2017年12月的 864。值数徘徊在443和148之间。遗憾的是 我最新在2018年8月16日的验血报告中,癌值数是349.6。 我所接受的一切疗程无法让我好转起来。

疗程中,我的免疫系统功能都下降许多。我的身体糟透了。我也同时使用不同的保健品 但是功效缓慢。

所有疗程 包括 化疗,住院,扫描检查,验血等, 花了我 新币$104000!


我在2018年4月份 遇到 志强区域经理。4 个月后,我毅然投资了 妮芙露 负离子健康衣服产品。

在短短的 18个小时里,我产生了以下的好转反应!

“ 束珊 高级区域经理 午安, 我记录了我从昨天8月15日 下午 4点 到现在早上11.30的好转反应

2. 开空调,身体大量排毒
3. 不断上厕所
4. 感觉得到血液在头部和心脏循环
6. 肚子咕噜地响着
8. 身体止痒了
9. 右边背部和左膝盖酸痛 (我少年时代留下的旧伤)

目前为止 太棒了! 我真的感受到负离子的一大功效—-活化细胞!


10. 喉咙干燥
11. 口渴
12. 尿液清晰
13. 直肠因为化疗常常有的针孔身上,非常疼痛。现在不痛了。
14. 排泄物正常。结肠癌的—个症状是排泄物比平时细
15. 昨天我因为脚麻痹得厉害,走起路来很困难。现在我只觉得 —点麻,真想立刻上街走走!太好了!
16. 嵌甲脚甲入肉的疼痛也减少许多”

妮芙露出产的负离子健康衣服和产品 的 功效太明显了! 我在2018年8月15日投质了新币$11000以上的产品。我大量使用全套。 这两星期以来, 我的免疫力增强了,食欲变佳,睡得更甜,活力气沛!

我的下一个检查是2018年10月。我会继续把使用妮芙露 产品的亲身体验都记录好 然后 和大家分享。

这两星期对我和家人是美好的。我把产品也介绍给我的父母,叔叔阿姨 舅舅舅妈 和 侄亲们。他们也大量使用,反应也非常好。

我很感谢 束珊高级区域经理,志强区域经理 和 团队的帮助。谢谢妮芙露!


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