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Connective Tissue Disease, Anti-phospholipid Antibody (APS) and Lupus

Testimony for Connective Tissue Disease, #APS (Anti-phospholipid Antibody) and #Lupus

By Hao Yue

My wife, Xin Ru, fell sick after giving birth to our firstborn. For 8 years, she had to take steroids to control her medical condition. It got so bad that she had to take 30 steroids a day, causing severe side effects. She couldn’t exercise in the sun and her life got very inconvenient. The side effects ranged from Vasculitis, anasarca, osteoporosis, severe hair fall, dryness and a rise in her blood sugar levels. The doctor said there was no way to treat the root of the problem.

After knowing Ya Lin, I invested approximately $20,000 in #negativeionclothes. Our initial thought was that it would be good if we could stabilise her condition and take less medication. The miraculous thing was after my wife wore #negativeionclothes in large quantities for 1.5 years, she didn’t have to take any more medication! It’s been 2 years that she has been drug-free, and her readings each month are in the normal range.

病症: 未分類結締組織(類似 SLE), APS 抗磷脂質症候群,SLE紅斑性狼瘡。


我老婆倖如從生完第一胎之後發病, 8年以來都每天都要吃類固醇來控制病情。後期更是嚴重到每天30顆的頪固醇 導致許多嚴重的副作用產生。不能在大太陽下活動,生活上極度的不方便 副作用:血管炎,全身浮腫,骨質疏鬆症,嚴重掉髮,乾燥,血糖升高。醫生說不會根治。


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