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Constipation, Asthma, Hypotension or Low Blood Pressure
Lin Xiu Qing

Product Use: whole set

When my daughter was 2 years old, she was constipated. At first, I did not pay enough attention to it and only visited a clinic near my home. Unfortunately, there was no improvement in her condition and instead, severity intensified; traditional Chinese medicine and medical doctors were unable to help. We then used the primitive and cruel method, coloclysis. I was worried she might develop abnormal defecation. I also worried that her vulnerable intestines might become damaged if she used this method continually. During that time, my friend, Xiaojun, told me that negative ions could improve my daughter’s problem so I bought the clothes for her. My daughter recovered, but quite unexpectedly, her immunity over colds and her ulcer also recovered completely. I bought the products for my family. It improved my mother in-law’s asthmatic condition, my gynaecological problem, and my hypotension has improved from 50-80 to 75-110. This is great!

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