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Testimony for Diabetes


  • 1988 July, due to diabetes, his knee started swelling and rotting due to inflammation.
  • Due to swelling and rotting area of the knee, pus started to come out of the inflamed area, and he had to go through 4 operations.
  • After the operation, he took too much antibiotics which caused kidney failure, needing to go for dialysis 3 times a week.


  • 1991, March 20, after using the full set of negative ion products, the swelling and rotting on knee subsided.
  • High blood sugar index of 200-300 dropped to 120, the knee does not hurt anymore and made a complete recovery from the inflammation.
  • After 6 months of usage, he stopped using crutches and became healthier.


  • 1988年7月因糖尿病.倂發作膝關節腐爛‘發炎。
  • 發膿開過4次手術使甩拐仗。
  • 因脚渦程吃太多消炎藥傷到腎之後1个礼拜洗3次肾。


  • 1991年3月20日經全套使用三個月後藤翻節消腫。
  • 血糖從200至300.降到正常120,膝關節不痛不發炎。
  • 氣色改變在經6個月後拐杖也不必再用了。

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