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Testimony for #diabetes #healing #swelling from Hong Kong

Good news from Hong Kong!

83-year-old Mr Dai has been suffering from diabetes for 30 years. Due to complications, both the right and left big toe had to be amputated.

He has been on diabetes and insulin medication for many years. Recently due to itch on his skin, he often scratches and this causes the skin to bleed and the back of his left hand has swollen significantly. He has sought many medical treatments but none was able to heal his condition.

Mr Dai’s filial son decided to buy a lot of Negative Ion Clothes and beddings to let him use. On the same day after using the Negative Ion Clothes, the itchy sensation was lessened and he felt good relief. After using for 6 days, the bleeding wound started to heal and the swelling on the back of his left hand completely subsided.

Mr Dai is overwhelmed, impressed and grateful for its high tech Negative Ion Clothes. He is also happy to have such good and filial children and grandchildren.

Simply believing is happiness and blessings to us and our family. No more long-suffering from aches and pains and no more dependence on drugs and medication.

For 44 years, these high-tech Negative Ion Clothes and beddings have already attracted hundreds of thousands of users. As long as you follow the correct way to use these Negative Ion Clothes and beddings, it will surely help you and your family to improve any health condition and maintain good health for a long time. Negative Ion Clothes are the simplest, safest, most practical and effective way to solve your health problems. You deserve to have it!



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