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Eczema, Dermatitis, Nasal Congestion, Long Term Headache

Testimony for Eczema, Dermatitis, Nasal Congestion, Long Term Headache

From a Hong Kong partner, thank you for sharing!
The attached pictures are quite shocking. More below.

Me and my family’s health have not been the best for quite some time even with the help of both Western medication and TCM. But ever since learning about these Negative Ion clothes from my good friend Wang Hua, our lives have not been the same!

Being a close friend, I have always trusted Wan Hua, but less so the products when I first learned about them. I still doubted even when I first went to the showroom to learn more about these Negative Ion clothes and bought them.

Fortunately, to me and family’s great surprise, after a short period of one month, we saw huge improvement’s in my husband’s 20-year long nasal congestion issue, about 60-70% better! Those 20 years, my husband’s nasal issue would always lead to a terrible headache. The last few years of work kept him late and by the time he reached home to have dinner, he would always have a headache while sleeping on the sofa which denied him of needed sleep and rest!

But now, its improved! In the following few days, we saw a consistent improvement in his headache and he could finally rest better! Now, it’s completely gone! It’s been half a year since the recovery and we’re now finding ourselves using Negative Ion clothes more and more as out confidence in these products grown over time.

The other issue is an eczema problem (seen in the pictures) which only developed in recent years. With the help of TCM and taking TCM herbs every day, it improved to some degree but would always come back after about a month. Even with Western medication, 7 days of using steroids, her husband’s fingernails are affected. Though these nails would soon grow back, the effects on the liver and kidney could potentially be bad.

Now my husband’s skin is completely healthy, we’re so grateful for the high-tech fibres in these Negative Ion clothes! We’re so filled with relief and joy! We can’t help but share our experience with these amazing product which we hope will greatly benefit others too!


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