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Testimony for #Eczema #Hives from Singapore

Looking at my past photos made me realise that there was this phase in my life where I had really low self-esteem; here’s why.

Many of the partners would’ve heard about my family’s testimonial, including my own about how I almost went for a knee surgery (but didn’t). But there is also this testimonial that I came to recall only when going through my old gallery, and I’d really like to share with everyone.

I used to suffer from severe eczema and hives when I was a kid. Hives is basically a conditional autoimmune problem, whereby my entire body will start to have rashes appearing all over it due to the heat. My first ever hives attack occurred back when I was 15, in secondary school. Not sure if any of my classmates even recall but back then, I took occasional MC’s just to recuperate from the attack and ensure that I keep cool at all times so it doesn’t reoccur. The rash came in patches, and I remember I had to constantly apply steroid cream during lessons. The biggest patch surfaced on my upper thigh, which stopped me from wearing shorts and I was constantly in long pants or maxi skirts. As a girl, we definitely wish to wear whatever we like; but because of my terrible looking skin, I couldn’t bear to continue being in shorts and have everyone stare at the patches of skin that were inflamed (and at times, bleeding) on my legs.

As I moved on to continue my studies in poly, things did not improve. Worse still, it started appearing all over my face… But I had more self-confidence then, so I couldn’t care less. Of course, it still affected me, but I was “ready” to live with this condition for the rest of my life. That means going to visit the national skin centre every month; waiting in line for my turn, getting prescribed different medication to see if it works. Eventually, my doctor gave up on consulting me because I was already prescribed the highest dose of oral medication and steroid cream; and so she gave me an open letter to purchase the appropriate medication from the pharmacy there, as and when I ran out of it.

I was constantly envious of everyone around me who had clear-looking skin because I was just “not as lucky”. And for all we know back then, there’s probably never a method that works to solve this issue altogether.

While my family came across Negative Ion clothes back in 2015 and despite seeing such great results on my grandma, we didn’t think of investing for the family because it was “way too expensive”. We didn’t have a positive nor clear mindset that it is better to take preventive measures. We thought we were young and therefore “healthy”. Having eczema/hives is completely “normal” given the condition of the environment that we are brought up in, and so long as we are not lying in the hospital, we are “good”.

It was only until I suffered from severe knee injuries due to my pursuit in dance and standing for long hours in the F&B industry, that my mum invested for me to “try and see if it works”. When I subsequently saw improvements, I was convinced that it works and my mum started investing bit by bit for the family. I am very grateful and till date, I have not gone for the surgery as suggested by the doctor.

Little did I realise that my eczema condition was also turning for the better! The rashes were drying and clearing up on my skin, and I didn’t have to rely on the anti-itch pill nor the steroid cream that I have to apply every night before I sleep. Eventually, I stop feeling the itch and it’s been 2 years that I’ve stopped my medication for eczema. My skin till date is free from open wounds and the scars are also starting to lighten in colour too.

No amount of words can convey the magnitude of gratitude that I have for the Company; to the team, which owns the biggest heart, and to the lovely friend of my mum’s for introducing the clothes to us. Surely many people will be put off by the nature of the distribution channel, but does it mean that it is a scam? Just because the picture is painted very badly of network marketing, does it mean that the product doesn’t work? Or do the people around us not deserve a chance to become and feel better about themselves?

But think about it; if these Negative Ion clothes didn’t work and its a “placebo effect”, why would doctors cut/stop the medication for our product users out of the blue and not continue to “earn” consultation fees? And if bad news travels faster than the good ones, how would the company even sustain for 45 years?

Of course, this post is not directing at my perspective of network marketing or the validity of Negative Ion products, but I sincerely am grateful that I see an overall improvement in my health simply through changing a set of clothing. If you’re curious and would like to find out more, whether is it the science of negative ions, my family’s testimonials, or how can this help you see an improvement in your/your family’s/your friend’s health, please feel free to drop me a PM.

At the end of the day, we only seek to live a better quality of life.

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