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Eczema, Migraine, Stomach Acid

Testimony for #Eczema #Migraine #StomachAcid

Thank you Jocelyn Nai for sharing

My 5-year-old daughter, Sophie, has been suffering from #eczema since she was 1. At first, I assumed she would outgrow her condition, but her condition worsened at age 3. She has been on steroid cream since then. Every few months, we would need to see the dermatologist and the doctor would prescribe the same steroid cream. My hubby and I got increasingly worried because we did not have any other solution, and we knew steroids have long-term side effects such as skin thinning.

In July 2015, I was introduced to Negative Ion clothes by Ms Beatrice Liu. She shared how Negative Ion clothes was a key pillar to her mum’s recovery from Stage 4 Colon Cancer without using conventional chemo/radiation. I thought it was a great product to try on Sophie. I felt that if the product could help even with cancer, it should help eczema.

At first, I purchased the day and nightwear for Sophie. After 1 month, her skin surface area that is covered by the Negative Ion clothes would not have eczema flare-ups. Thus, I decided to invest a full set of Negative Ion clothes, including the bedding and gloves to help her condition further. Since then, we never needed to go back to the dermatologist. Though she still gets occasional itchiness when the weather is too hot, now she only needs to put on her Negative Ion clothes and some moisturiser to ease her itch. I am so thankful she doesn’t need to rely on steroids anymore.

Because of her improvement, my husband and I invested a full set for ourselves. My years of daily #migraine stopped after 2 days of wearing full set day and night! It was previously getting so bad that regular painkillers couldn’t work and I was taking stronger painkillers. After using the Negative Ion clothes, I have not taken any painkillers! I managed to quit my coffee addiction because I no longer needed the caffeine for energy and pain management. My husband’s stomach acid is also more regulated!

Thank you Negative Ion Clothes for such a great product and improving my daughter’s quality of life!

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