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Testimony for #fibroids (Fibrocystic Breast Disease) from Taiwan

Congratulations to Bao Qing! I’m so excited for you, I keep getting goosebumps!

Bao Qing had already undergone surgery once for her fibroids in her breasts. This is why she was really worried about her latest scan in Aug this month because if the fibroid were to increase in size, she would have to do another round of surgery. This is also why 1.5 years ago, she had already invested in full set of negative ion clothes. That afternoon (2017 Aug), Bao Qing went for a B-mode ultrasonography and her fibroid has completely disappeared!! Using the full set of negative ion clothes really gave her a big surprise!

Ultrasound Results Before using Negative Ion Clothes (2015 Jun)

In the 9 o’ clock direction in the left breast, there were fibroids of size 0.6×0.5cm approximately 1.1cm away from the nipple.

In the 3 to 4 o’ clock direction in her right breast, there were fibroids of size 1.3×0.4cm and 0.9×0.3cm, approximately 1.2cm and 2.0cm away from the nipple.

She underwent surgery after this report and in last year, she suffered a relapse (2016 Jan) and Bao Qing simply chose to believe that negative ion clothes can be used in synergy to protect herself.

Ultrasound Results after using Negative Ion Clothes for 3 months (2016 April)

The fibroid in her left breast has disappeared!
In the 1 to 2 o’ clock direction in her right breast, the fibroid was 0.114×0.06cm in size, approximately 10mm away from the nipple.

Ultrasound Results after using Negative Ion Clothes for 1.5 years

The fibroids in both breasts have COMPLETELY disappeared!
Time is the best witness, I am really touched!

今天是什么好日子?新鲜出炉了几个好见证 !
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太激动了 🎉 🎉恭喜好朋友宝箐 👻👻现在也激动得不停起鸡皮疙瘩

今天下午宝箐去做胸部B超,她的纤维瘤竟然全部消失 😱 😱全套大量使用负离子竟然给她如此大的意外惊喜。中午检查前她还担心害怕自己纤维瘤再次增大的话要再次动手术,在这之前已经开过刀动过手术。


超声所见:双侧乳腺呈多种体型。于左侧乳腺9钟处可见一低回声区,大小约0.6×0.5cm,边缘清晰,内部回声均匀,活动度好,距乳头1.1cm。于右侧乳腺1点钟及3-4点钟处均见一低声回声区,大小分别约1.3×0.4cm, 0.9×0.3cm,边缘清晰。内部回声均匀,活动度好,距乳头分别约1.2cm, 2.0cm。







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