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Foot Odour, Paronychia, Ruptured heel, Lipid Dermatitis, Neurodermatitis
Wen Xiangdong (San Francisco of USA)

Product use: whole set

I have worked as a doctor for 30 years and now live in San Francisco. I used the negative ion Split Toes Socks, and three days later, the foot odour that harassed me for a long time disappeared. My paronychia disappeared five days later, the rough skin on my heel area become smooth just ten days later. How magical!

They say the sole of the foot is the second heart of a person and there are 63 acupuncture points within. The Teviron socks can really improve your condition if you are sick, and when you are well it can protect your health. I began to use

I began using the Teviron underwear and blankets. After three months, many of my health situations improved. The seborrhea dermatitis of my head disappeared; the sensitive skin of my nasal ala is getting much better, my eye pouch is becoming less visible, my face has become lustrous and rosy and the neurodermatitis in my right elbow joint disappeared completely. I’m a lot more energetic and I feel great. I think that the Nefful Corporation is a great group and that their product is extraordinary. I would share the magic of Teviron with anyone I meet in a heartbeat.

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