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Testimony for Glaucoma 青光眼 / 绿内障见证

From a partner

This is a testimony on the health benefits of Negative Ion clothes.
I generally don’ t trust western medicine as it only addresses the symptom and they have their limitations.

A man I know, Zainal, suffers from a rare Glaucoma condition (an eye disease that leads to optic nerve damage and vision loss) for 10 years. His eye was always very painful and the virus hides away at the back of his eyeball. The doctor only prescribed antibiotics, painkillers and eye drops which needed to be applied even when he sleeps, disrupting his sleep a lot.

Oct 2015, his condition worsened and the doctors asked him to go for eye transplant surgery. This made Zainal very upset.

Thankfully, his wife got to know of Negative Ion clothes in June 2016 and invested in a full set of Negative Ion clothes for him that August 2016. To their amazement, the virus moved to the front, just at the eyelids. The recovery was so quick as he could now go for minor surgery to remove the visible viruses.

Currently, Zainal has regained 70% of his vision and he is able to open his eyes normally!

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