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Testimony for High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, High White Blood Cell
From Malaysia’s Zhong Feng

For more than a decade, Zhong Feng’s mother has been seeking Western treatment and was prescribed high dosages of medication continually for high blood pressure and cholesterol, yet had not seen any improvement!

At the same time, she had been suffering from aches throughout her body, long-standing aches in her knees and ankles, making it very painful to walk.

Within the first 3 months of using Negative Ion clothes some 8 years ago, Zhong Feng’s mother’s blood pressure and cholesterol readings have gone back to normal and her joints are no longer in pain when she walks.

Even Zhong Feng’s aunt’s white blood cell readings were reaching a high of 14.4 but after 3 months of using Negative Ion clothes, have dropped to 10.4. After 5 months further dropped to 9! Her doctor was happy to report that no bone marrow transplantation or chemotherapy was needed any more.


因为妈妈十多年看西医的时间内大量吃高血压、胆固醇药物没有得到有效改善,同时全身酸痛 ,膝盖脚踝长期疼痛,走路都会很疼痛,在使用负离子衣物三个月至今已有8年时间。妈妈高血压、胆固醇一直非常正常,膝盖使用三个月后走路也不再痛苦。

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