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Testimony for Hyperthyroidism

Bev shares with us Ms T’s incredible journey to recovery! #Hyperthyroidism #NegativeIons

For the past 7 years, Ms T has been suffering from Hyperthyroidism, a hormonal imbalance which has been known to accelerate the body’s metabolism, cause irregular heartbeats, sweating and irritability. All this time, she sought various treatments and cashed out hundreds of dollars for each trip to the doctor. Even after taking prescribed medication to control her condition, she could not recover. That is until she tried our negative ion clothes.

Desperately trying many treatments without success, Ms T was at her wit’s end. After hearing testimonies and benefits of our negative ion clothes, she quickly decided to have a go. She bought half a full set which included the blanket, sleepwear and some inner wear. Without any other change in her lifestyle, she started using the clothes, concentrating use when she went to sleep.

In 3 weeks, her medical report went from erratic TSH levels (above and below recommended range) to the most recommended level of 2 mU/L! Her doctor even proposed she stop taking her pills. Like Ms T, many around her were just as amazed at her results and are thankful for such favourable results! Who would have thought that simply changing what she wore would have alleviated such a serious health condition!





在3周内,她的医疗报告从不稳定的TSH水平(在建议范围之上和之下)提升到最健康的2 mU / L水平!她的医生甚至建议她停止服药。T女士和她身边的许多人都对她的健康进度感到惊讶!谁会想到,只需改变她所穿的衣服,就会减轻这么严重的健康状况!

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