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Virus Infection and Swelling of the Face

Testimony for Virus Infection and Swelling of the Face

From a Malaysia Partner

As you can see in the picture, I had a virus infection a while ago. On the first day of the infection, my face became red and swollen. As it became more severe, I hurriedly went to seek medical treatment.

However, the more anti-inflammatory medication and injections I took, the more my condition worsen. My whole face was so swollen that it affected my eyes as well. I could barely open them!

I went to seek advice from an acquaintance and she advised me to use Negative Ion clothes immediately. She brought the Negative Ion clothes to the hospital and I wore them for the next few days.

Much to my surprise, my face returned to normal on the third day! The swelling and puffiness disappeared completely. It was so amazing that I couldn’t believe it! I am so thankful to my acquaintance and the power of Negative Ion clothes that helped me recover and live a healthy life everyday.



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