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In late March 2016, my mum was suspected of kidney cancer. The doctor had found black shadows on her kidney when she did a scan.

As we were preparing for the family trip that May and so as not to worry us, she kept that knowledge from us. Throughout the trip, she would look tired but no one suspected that her kidneys were the problem.

After our trip late June 2016, she went for another scan, but the shadows remained. It was also when she decided that she had no choice but to share with us about her health condition.

I recalled my friend Beatrice, sharing about how her own mum’s colon cancer markers dropping by 30% within a month of using the full set of negative ions clothes. That June, I decided to give her a call. Beatrice helped recommend an appropriate full set for my mum’s condition and my mum religiously wore them for 1-2 months. Despite feeling hot with body aches due to recovery reactions, she persevered.

When we went for her third scan in Aug 2016, the doctor actually found both her kidneys functioning healthily and well! Most importantly, there is no sign of the shadows.

The family was amazed and convinced, just as my mum. Subsequently, my husband and I invested in full sets for our own wellness. In fact, our entire extended family is now wearing negative ion clothes, 24/7! We’re so thankful for this amazing technology!

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