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Testimony for Knee Issue / Chronic Knee Pain
Partner from Taiwan

While being in Taipei, I ran into Autie Feng Mung, seen in this photo. I learnt that many years ago, the Dongsen News Station interviewed her about her story. She shared about how her first experience with Negative Ion Clothes. At that time, she had a knee condition which her Orthopaedic Surgeon said had to be operated on.

However, thanks to a friend Juqiu’s introduction to Negative Ion clothes, she started using Negative Ion knee guards. Though she still couldn’t walk during the first three months of using the knee guards, she continued using them. To her amazement, after three months, she could get up and walk!

For more than 20 years, she is walking freely without any operations. Since then, she had recommended Negative Ion Clothes to her whole family, who are all still using to this day.

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今早在臺北公司巧遇馮媽媽。 多年前東森新聞台曾採訪过她, 當時台大骨科醫生說他的膝蓋必須開刀,在菊秋區總的推薦下他使用了護膝。前三個月都無法走路,但她還是持續用護膝,加量使用,三個月後就能走路,二十多年了,她自由行走,膝関節都没有開刀,她推荐给全家族的人,大家都全套使用。

#馮媽媽好有智慧,擺脱膝蓋開刀的命運 #耐久性商品,投资一次,用久久

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