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Liver Auto-immune Hepatitis

Testimony for Liver Auto-immune Hepatitis by Veron

I’ve been a vegetarian for 22 years and I generally try to live a healthy lifestyle.

I was taking Swiss Fit Solution and sleep on an infrared bed due to a bone degeneration problem on my spine. In the recent 2 years, I’ve been taking Chinese medication to relieve nerve pains arising from bone degeneration.

During these two years, my blood test result showed that my liver was in trouble. A specialist diagnosed me with liver auto-immune hepatitis. The doctor suggested doing a biopsy on the liver and told me that during the biopsy if the liver bleeds, I may die instantly.

And if I survive the biopsy and the result shows auto-immune hepatitis, I will have to be injected with steroid continuously for 1 to 2 yrs.

I did not do the biopsy. Instead, in Dec 2015, I bought the full set of Negative Ion clothes and wore it diligently at home and at work for 3 months. After just 3 months of wearing them, in March 2016, my liver profile markers dropped significantly from abnormally high to well within the normal range. The Negative Ion clothes have also helped to relieve my nerve pain.

The overall improvement in health has given me more confidence in my daily life and make me a happier person. Many of my colleagues at work saw the improvement in me as well!

I’m so grateful for the company, the team’s support and my introducer, Kelly, for the help!




我没有做活检。相反,在2015年12月,我买的全套妮芙露,并穿着它努力在家庭和3个月的工作。经过短短3个月穿着妮芙露,在2016年3月,我的肝功能检查在正常范围内! 妮芙露产品也有助于减轻我的神经疼痛。


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