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Lung Cancer & Bone Tumour

Testimony for Lung Cancer & Bone Tumour
From a partner in Hong Kong


Immunotherapy is said to be the future trend for treating cancer, but how many people can afford the medical expenses of $50,000 to $60,000 per month?

Mdm Huang, putting her faith in Negative Ion clothes, spent $40,000 HKD to purchase a full set of Negative Ion products. She had worn them for 3 years and only going for surgeries and check-ups in hospital, she has not undergone any chemotherapy.

In 2015, Mdm Huang was diagnosed with the last stage of lung cancer at a public hospital in Hong Kong. The doctor proclaimed that she only had 3 more months to live. At that point in time, Mdm Huang’s condition did not permit her to operate, so the doctor suggested for her to do 8 sessions of chemotherapy. Mdm Huang was very depressed and went to seek advice from Ms Xu from the temple she goes to. Thankfully Ms Xu, who uses Negative Ion products, knew that these products can help Mdm Huang’s condition. So with her advice, Mdm Huang decided to purchase a full set of Negative Ion Clothes.

Mdm Huang began using her Negative Ion clothes in August 2015. Using the Negative Ion blanket as her bed cover, she wore large quantities of Negative Ion clothes all day, changing them every 4 hours to wash. After 3 months, she received good news from the hospital that she can finally undergo surgery. After the surgery, Mdm Huang’s condition improved! 2 years since then, she did not even need any chemotherapy. Mdm Huang also had a bone tumour, giving her huge lumps at her legs, making her legs very inflexible. Her daughter had to massage her legs every night but since wearing Negative Ion clothes, the lump became softer and now, Mdm Huang’s daughter does not have to massage her legs every night. Mdm Huang can even go out on her own, without being accompanied by her family members.

The condition of each individual varies. Some can achieve the same result with just 1 and a half full set of Negative Ion clothes, like Mdm Huang. However, a typical cancer patient requires at least 3 full set of Negative Ion Clothes. They are encouraged to wear large quantities all day long and change every worn set every 4 hours, because using large quantity is key, to attain the desired quantities of Negative Ions. How much? Read Here.

If these clothes can improve the quality of life, or better extend life, it is truly something worth trying!

Helping family members alleviate their pains and live peacefully for the rest of their days is also a way to show our filial piety. Miracles can happen if you give it a chance to happen!

Rejecting this kind of possibility denies the possibility of hope for a loved one’s health and future… Their future also lies in your hands!



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