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Testimony for Lupus
Patient: Ye Jiexin Rainbow, 17-year-old, 2017-04-04

This is Ye Jiexin’s testimony. It has been my pleasure to know of these Negative Ion clothes, and I would like to thank Karen for introducing me to them. Because of her faith in them and my faith in her, I am changed. When I was young, I lived life like I was old. I couldn’t be nervous, nor irritated and I couldn’t do anything challenging. Everyday life was… accompanying my mother to her dance sessions, eat lunch, sleep for an afternoon, get up for two or three piano lessons, then dinner and sleep… Is this a life of a young person? Although my blood test report indicated it was normal, I only saw my body getting worse and worse. I was often tired. I would feel dizzy and uncomfortable every day. I didn’t want to do anything. I often wondered what was the cause of it. I couldn’t find the reason in the doctor’s blood test… and I was helpless! The doctor simply kept telling me my blood test report was normal.
However, I have seen huge improvements since using the Negative Ion bedding and clothes. Though there have been many people who have felt that I have been deceived, and others have said that there could be adverse effects when used. But how is that possible, when to be honest, even if I could only experience this level of relief for the next four to five years, I would already be very grateful! That’s because I can finally live the quality of life of a young person and do the many things I have always wanted to do.


2017-04-04 負離子之友

這是葉潔芯本人自己的分享,能認識妮芙露是我的榮幸,也多謝karen當初的介紹!因為這一個認識,因為一份簡單的相信,把我改變了。從前的我,雖然還年輕,但過的卻是老人家的生活。不能緊張受刺激,不敢做任何有挑戰的事情。 每天的生活就是….跟媽媽去跳排排舞,吃個午餐,睡個下午覺,起來就去教兩、三節鋼琴課,再吃晚飯,睡覺。。。這是一個年青人的生活嗎?雖然驗血💉報告很正常,但我卻只能看著自己身體越來越差,經常都很累,每天都頭痛頭暈,很不舒服,什麼都不想去做。我經常在想究竟自己是什麼原因,看了醫生抽血檢驗也找不到原因,但是當時。。。就是無助!醫生就只是告訴我:你的驗血報好告很正常。但自從用了負離子寢具、衣服之後,出現了很大的改善。 曾經有很多人都覺得我被騙了,也有人在說可能用了之後會有什麼反效果。說真的,這個舒服的感覺就算只能夠維持四,五年的時間,我都感恩滿足了,因為我可以過到年青人的生活質素,做到以前很多我想做的事情。

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