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Malignant Tumor in pets

Testimony for #malignanttunmor

Even our fur friends can benefit from wearing Negative Ion Clothes too!

In January 2016, one of my seniors told me sadly that their family cat, MOMO, has a malignant tumour growth on the back of its neck. She took MOMO to see the vet. The vet said that the tumour’s position is not suitable for operation.

I suddenly thought of 長安區總家’s dog which recently had a tumour in its stomach. It was so serious that it lost weight drastically, couldn’t eat, and the vet said that the dog wouldn’t be able to live much longer. After getting home, his sister wrapped the dog up in Negative Ion Clothes and it is healthy untill today. So I asked 長安區總家 to share his experience with my senior.

At first, she took a small cut-out from the bedsheet for MOMO to lie on. Surprisingly, MOMO was willing to lie on it. Later, MOMO started wearing Negative Ion Clothes, and slept with the bedsheet cut-out. After 3 days, my senior shared that MOMO has recovered from her ear inflammation problem. The other time they saw the vet, the vet said that MOMO would need another 2 weeks of medication.

A while ago, she made a little shrug to be worn around MOMO’s neck. She discovered that part of the #negativeionclothes had a yellowish and dirty patch on it. She checked with the doctor and found out that these were from the cat’s lung lymph nodes. If the condition is serious, it could result in respiratory problems and vomiting. And the#negativeions has helped to absorb the toxins, which came through MOMO’s clothes.

Currently, MOMO’s tumour has not totally gone away, but she is in good spirits and has a healthy appetite. I hope that MOMO will be able to live longer and healthier with the use of #negativeionclothes and accompany my senior for a longer time.

今年1月, 有一天上班時學姊難過的跟我說她們家的貓MOMO在後頸部長了惡性腫瘤, 帶去給獸醫看, 獸醫說這腫瘤的位置並不適合開刀, 目前只能採保守療法

我剛好想到長安區總家的狗狗也曾經有胃部腫瘤, 嚴重到爆瘦、吃不下,獸醫說應該無法活很久,很傷心的帶回家後,妹妹幫牠大量包了負離子,仍健康的活到現在, 所以我請長安區總將他的經驗分享給學姊

剛開始, 我先拿了一塊入會床單痛痛貼給牠, 很神奇的發現貓咪自己會想去窩在痛痛貼上面,之後MOMO開始穿上雪之戀的貓衣服, 加上使用入會的那塊床單痛痛貼讓牠睡在上面, 穿了3天後, 學姊跟我分享說MOMO原本耳朵發炎的情況居然好了,原本帶去給獸醫看,獸醫還跟她說要使用兩個星期的藥物

前陣子,又幫她加做了貓咪小毛頸, 學姊說她發現MOMO穿過的雪之戀貓衣服有個地方變的黃黃髒髒的,詢問過獸醫師, 發現衣服上黃黃髒髒的地方剛好是貓咪的肺淋巴結處, 若真的情況惡化的話通常會從這地方轉移,導致呼吸困難以及嘔吐, 而負離子衣物因為具有吸附毒素的效果, 剛好反應在MOMO穿過的負離子衣服上

目前MOMO的頸部腫瘤未消, 可是精神食慾都還很不錯, 希望MOMO能夠因為負離子衣物而健康的陪學姊久一點

2016/01 感恩伙伴无私分享♡

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