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Migraine, allergic dermatitis, menopause

Testimony for #migraine #allergicdermatitis #menopause

Firstly, I am very grateful to Nefful for producing such high-tech products. I also want to thank my introducers, Jingjing AM and Wang Hua AM for whom I am deeply indebted to.

My first encounter was at the end of September 2016, I was very skeptical. While I personally believed that Jingjing had good intentions and believed all that she said she had experienced, I was afraid that she was being cheated by a direct marketing company, which I am generally very against. However, I soon gave in to their determined persuasion and bought two sets of Negative Ions Clothes, pyjamas.

I actually have many health problems which affect my day-to-day. I’m plagued with severe migraine, neck and shoulder pains, allergic dermatitis, and the most frustrating is the menopausal symptoms since the birth of the fourth child. This continued on for more than a year. Every month my doctor prescribed me medication to forcefully induce menstruation but was unable to tell me the root issue.

Initially, I thought, perhaps it was simply changes in my body or an early onset of menopause. But after using the Nefful negative ion clothes for only less than ten days, my period came. It was incredible, I could not believe it. Even though I initially doubted the clothes, my prayers have been answered. Now I do not need to go to the doctor, and no longer have to take medicine because my monthly menstruation comes on time. The discomfort has also disappeared. I am so thankful.

Still doubtful, I went back to the store and bought a full set of the products. They have even helped my serious migraines which I’ve had since childhood from a traumatic head accident. I would get regular intense headaches once or twice every month or two which would lead to severe vomiting. Because of this, I easily get motion sicknesses on vehicles and trains. I remembered after the first visit to the Nefful store, I returned home from the subway and vomited several times. It was excruciating. Some people have told me to bear with it and after a month it should be over, but I had to bear with it for 4 months! I have tried a lot of pain relief tonics but without success, but after wearing the negative ion clothes for almost a year, it doesn’t hurt anymore! It’s fantastic, I am so grateful!

Finally, without even realising, my allergic dermatitis began to disappear. Before, it would flare up every month, making it very troublesome for someone as vain as me. This has since not flared up for the past few months of using the clothes. It really is miraculous that we have such amazing technology that not only benefitted me but have also helped the health of so many others.

My deepest impression came from my very wise friend and her husband who saw huge improvements from the use of the clothes. They saw big improvements in his sleep and decided to purchase the negative ion blanket as a gift to friends. To him, this was like gifting health to a close friend. Besides improving his overall health, his friend also alleviated his allergy towards eating mango, which he had been avoiding for the past 5 to 6 years! Merely eating one would cause his whole face to turn swollen red and itchy. And just recently, decided to bravely attempt a whole bowl of mangos. Even after 2 to 3 days later, there wasn’t any allergic reaction. We are amazed and thankful.

Truly, this technology of Negative Ion Clothes is remarkable; unknowingly it improves our health and continues to surprise us. Like me, few really understand the science of it, many of us don’t believe it is possible and can’t believe in the product, but it is my sincerest hope that should you choose to believe, you will get to fully experience the benefits of this product, and come to share my own experience.


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