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Testimony for Moya-Moya disease (rare, progressive blood vessel disorder)

Jeanette See from Sabah shares with us some inspiring news.

Back in 2017, Jeanette was helping a friend’s daughter, Carol for a few months. Carol (then 24 years old) was diagnosed ten years ago with Moya-Moya disease which is a rare, progressive blood vessel disorder in which the main carotid artery in the skull becomes narrow or blocked. Because of the reduced blood flow to her brain, Carol’s development in all areas of her life has been severely impacted, to the point where she was bedridden, unaware of her surroundings and not able to communicate as well.

Jeanette was able to share with Carol’s mom, Lily. Thankfully, Lily agreed to let Carol use the Negative Ion blanket and blanket hats, socks, gloves as well as leg warmers. In just three months, Lily has improved to the point where she is more responsive to her family and to the environment. She is looking around more, and is able to spend more time out of bed these days!

So grateful for the quality of the products which has delivered life-changing effects for Carol. Thank you, Jeanette, for sharing this experience with us.

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