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Proctitis (dog)

Testimony for Proctitis (dog):

For humans or animals, Nefful negative ions products are indeed effective in improving health and aiding recovery! This is my little puppy, Kaka, as seen in the picture, he suddenly had proctitis a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, the vet clinic close to my house wasn’t open on Sunday.

I recalled my friends sharing testimonials about negative ions products and how it may be beneficial for the recovery of proctitis so I decided to use my own negative ions cloth to wrap Kaka’s wounds. In just 2 hours, the swollen area broke into water and in just 2 days, the wound started to heal and dry up. Within a week, his wounds fully healed and recovered!

Kaka’s recovery process did not involve any treatment from the vet, no medication and surgery – all I did was to wrap him in negative ion cloth.

Thanks to Nefful negative ions products, my little puppy is healthy and lively again!

💖Kaka 好見證分享🙏🙏🙏 不管是人畜,只要是動物,都有超棒的見證效果!我們家裡的小狗卡咔幾個星期前肛門直腸發炎腫大外露,又碰巧是星期天沒有獸醫看!媁淇區總想起那些痔瘡問題的好見證,於是馬上用妮芙露布料包紮患處,兩個小時後腫大的部分自動破水,我們繼續給牠更換和使用負離子布料,2天後傷口開始收乾,7天後傷患處完全康復!整個過程沒有看過醫生或開刀吃藥💊,單憑負離子布料包紮幾天就痊癒了,現在小狗又過回健康快樂的生活嘍!妮芙露產品真的太神奇太厲害了!

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