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Testimony for Psoriasis
A big thank you to Mdm Wong from Singapore for her sharing:

Note: The condition of both Psoriasis and Eczema is related to the imbalance of the immune system. In order to see a 100% improvement in the condition, Negative Ions must be used to treat not just the redness and swollen area of the body but to be targeted at the root problem.

In order to improve the health of her family members, Mdm Wong had invested in more than 6 packages. Amongst them, Mdm Wong’s second elder sister was one of the beneficiaries, who was suffering from severe Psoriasis all over her body for over 16 years. Her second sister’s quality of life was seriously affected because of her condition. Mdm Wong bought home a full set of Negative Ion products and urged her sister to use them since all the other treatments she tried was not effective at all. In just one to two weeks of wearing just the Negative Ion clothes, the condition on her sister’s leg saw significant improvement. Her second month of using Negative Ion clothes can be seen from the images, the big patches of redness and swollen area have faded into pale pink, proving that the skin is healing!





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